How Can a Student Make Money Through Ebay Arbitrage?

By: Brock Hamilton

There are millions of people who are logging onto ebay at any time either to shop or to sell an item. Being able to keep things organized as a seller and taking the time to list things right can really make a world of difference. That being said there are a lot of people who are listing items in an inaccurate way. These individuals either have a lot of spelling or other errors. They are simply people who are forgetting the importance of being able to list an item and the power that these listings have. Poorly listed items are typically just out of laziness and someone who is really trying to just get rid of an item quickly and to pocket at least a few dollars for the item. For the expert shopper this is a great place to score low priced deals on ebay that can be sold as higher priced items through proper listing. The term for this type of practice where you buy something on ebay to turn around and sell it on ebay for a profit is called ebay arbitrage and it is quickly becoming popular among the student sector. There are however some things that you can look for if you are interested in doing this as these things will help you to be able to make a profit in the quickest way possible.

The number one thing to look for is spelling mistakes.

This might sound very simple and kind of silly however when people are looking for items on ebay they rarely look for misspelled versions of the product that they are looking for. By looking at misspellings you might be able to find some great items that are not selling as other buyers are not looking for them. You can really find some great items by doing this as when a seller lists the item with a wrong spelling it does not come up when searched. This will eliminate a lot of the buyers who are looking for that product. By finding these misspelled words you could walk away with a lot of extra income.

A second thing to look for is missing information.

This too might seem too simple however there are many ways that missing information can affect an items ability to sell.

Thirdly look for auction ending times.

You will want to look at times that are ending during the middle of the night or midday when a lot of people are likely to be at work. This can help you to be able to score some items at the end of their auction for way less money than you could have gotten at other times.

Lastly look for items that do not have a photo.

Granted this one can be a bit scary when you are looking for certain products however it is a gold mine for those who are willing to read thoroughly. This is because a number of people will sell items without adding a photo and a number of buyers will only buy items

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