Twelve Unique Ways to Make Money Fast

By: Brock Hamilton

There are so many different ways in which you could make money fast. Perhaps by looking at some of the more unique ways you will be able to understand the benefits of working towards having a successful income without having to work in the typical roles. Some types of jobs are things that others might not have heard about and are something that should be considered as additional sources of income. Below are the top twelve unique ways in which one would be able to earn an income.

(1) One way to make money is by signing up for medical tests. Being willing to take tests, test medications or to be able to make money in a simple and quick way is to consider signing up for medical testing or drug trials. Also some medical donations like plasma pay as well.

(2) Consider accepting a boarder into your home. Basically you charge one rate for rent, use of internet and television and they accept responsibility for their personal items and food while living with you. This is kind of like a roommate although in reality you typically do not know this person very well.

(3) You can make money fast by tapping into your life insurance or 401 K. Financial planners would tell you that this is a bad idea however in some ways it is not.

(4) You could consider taking out a payday loan if you need to make money fast however this technically not making money as you are going to have to pay it back and pay it back with very high interest rates attached.

(5) Looking into borrowing money from your IRA is another thing to consider.

(6) Another way to earn some extra money is to pawn your stuff. This can be done for a number of reasons and typically pawn shops do not offer much money on items that worth a considerable amount more however if you have no interest in the items and if you do not have any sentimental feelings sometimes fast cash is worth more than the item.

(7) There are legal parts of your body that you can sell like hair and plasma and these are great ways to make money. Plasma earns you about $35 per donation and you can donate two times per week while hair will earn you somewhere around $500 1000+ depending on the length of the hair.

(8) If you are a man you can sell your sperm to earn additional income.

(9) Selling goods along side the road to motorists is another great business venture to keep in mind. In high traffic areas this can be a great way to make money quickly.

(10) Another great way to earn an income is to legally scalp tickets to high profile events and shows. This can really be a great way to get some extra cash since tickets to sold out events gross so much extra income.

(11) Scavenging is another way to make money fast. You could never imagine the types of good that you will be able to find by scavenging.

(12) The last unusual way to make additional cash quickly is to head to the casino. Make sure that you set a limit that if you lose so much money you are finished.

It is important to consider all angels when looking at how to make money fast and by looking at unique ways of earning money you might be able to earn more income you had previously thought possible.

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